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How SKINSINK works

Together we make your art print-friendly + put in your shop

Customers visit the site, find and purchase your products

Products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide

Customers are happy, you are happy and get paid.

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We empower upcoming and established graphic artists, street artists and illustrators a platform to display their work on apparel, and get paid.

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  • In accordance with you, we use your designs on T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and other merchandise products. 
  • We will try to find a price that sells well on the market. This might change over time.
  • For marketing purposes we will give away apparel for free or with a discount.
  • We split profits 50/50, whenever a product gets sold you keep 50% and we keep 50%. Easy.
  • We advertise. You advertise. We do everything together to get sales in social channels and word of mouth. Additionally we place ads.