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Artist Portrait: Dying Roach

21 years old Illona Terentieva is a russian artist who grew up and lives in Berlin. Since her early childhood she has fostered a passion for art, and developed her skills as a painter working mainly with water colors, acrylic and oil, ir fineliner. Welcome to the family, Dying Roach! In her experimental and explorative art,  she delves into the obscure as well as motley euphoria leading the spectator on a discovery journey through fantastic, otherworldly creatures that bear human traits nonetheless. Her abstract life forms exist in a world of chaotic harmony and whimsical beauty where primal nature metamorphoses through the integration of references to our sick, urban culture. Enjoy the interview! Dying Roach: Illona Terentieva. How did it all...

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Artist Portrait: Aislinn Finnegan

Aislinn Finnegan puts Black women at the forefront, in an effort to normalize Black representation in the art world, while also challenging conventional 'Western' standards of beauty and aesthetics, using inspiration from both traditional and contemporary African and African Diaspora art aesthetics and other culture forms.

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First Artist: Kosmar

At SKINSINK we are committed to provide upcoming and established artists, illustrators and anybody doing cool shit, a platform to display their work on exposed fabric: the T-Shirt.  As first artist we are super happy to announce Kosmar, a long time graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany producing great plays on typography and illustrative paths. Here are some of his t-shirts:  Worry, Available in black and white. It's a trap, available in mint green and soft pink ^

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