The Graffiti Mecca Berlin


Beyond the darken shadows
Of a cold abandon alley
Lurks the masterpieces kept in time
The city's homemade gallery.

The city art of the common man
His words and thoughts in design
Expressions shared with quick swipes
Of every curve and line.

Graffiti art so rare and intimate
Unaware of what is shown
Telling the messages of a man's true life
Drawn proudly on concrete stone.

At glance the drawings on the walls
Seem vulgar, low and unclean
The simple words of the unknown man
The man not heard or seen.

Yet there in his graffiti art he shines
Along with city fellow souls
And their true words and expressed art
Are their dreams, their lives and goals.

So when you pass a covered wall
Filled up with graffiti art
Remember that those are more than filthy wastes
They are the stories from the city's true heart.



In Berlin at the moment a big tower is being built on Warschauer Straße next to the East Side mall. Although many feel Berlin already has enough building this tower will be a place where the clubgoers, tourists, workers, visitors, transients and local residents meet.

The structure of the modern façade, the “Berliner Block” set higher up – is an architectural reference to Berlin’s urban history. The design from BIG Architects (Bjarke Ingels Group) combines the requirements of sustainable buildings with the architectural language of the local area.

Under Warschauer bridge, art by Elnene Pekele.

Berlin is a city that is under constant change and often people feel stuck in a construction site. Now there is a competition going on called 'Bau braucht Kunst' and with this project, people are invited to give colour and life to the 'half way there' places still under construction.

"Brave. Controversial. And yet positive. Inclusive. Inspiring. Open." reads their website. This is the kind of art they search for. Someone who is able to change your experience walking past the loud and obnoxious construction side. Applications are already finished but the construction sides have been brightened up by the new street art.

Mauerpark, Berlin Germany. 

Both big and small graffiti is everywhere, everything is a canvas! Graffiti is not just street art, it is also typography. Many street artists make their own typography and with it so many new are born. When it all comes together, the letters, shadows, details reveal an art piece that beholds also a strong feeling from the artist. Graffiti is a space and culture where your street is the canvas and you have the power to make your signature style and no rules are to follow, except that it is still illegal in Berlin...

In Berlin street art is very important to the culture. Many people use graffiti and street art to send out a message to the people, and what better place than on the street? It all started that way when the wall was up. On the West side, people from America and other immigrants started to write their thoughts and beliefs on the wall. It is said the french artist Thierry Noir was the first to paint on the wall. The West side of the wall became a spot for artists to come and express themselves. After the wall fell the two sides merged and graffiti and street art spread all over Berlin.

It has become such a big part of the city that UNESCO proclaimed Berlin the City of Design in 2006. It was also called “the graffiti Mecca”, “street art capital” and “most bombed city in Europe.”. And still today you see new pieces appearing in all neighbourhoods, and street artists are being asked to make a mural for buildings. Even thought graffiti is illegal in Berlin it is hard for the city to clean all buildings and strip them of the art when they are one of the most popular attractions amongst tourists. 

Please enjoy a visual art tribute to all street art in Berlin hereunder.