Blogs we love to read

It is hard today to know who to believe. There are many voices out in the world hoping to get their point through. We have followed some of them and want to recommend you these if you are looking for a fresh view or just need new reading material. 


Ecocult is a female blog that features shopping guides, ideas, insight, and issues in the international sustainable fashion industry. It is the perfect guide to how to become a better consumer. On their website you can find many beautiful brands that are sustainable. They also cover tips for zero waste events, sustainable home decor, and has great recommendation for travelling gear. Ecocult is founded by Alden Wicker who is a journalist and sustainable fashion expert. 



Shado magazine is a multimedia platform, and their name stands for See, Hear, Act ,Do. It is driving change at the intersection of arts, activism and academia. They give space to people from all over the world, that are not given the space to express, to share with us their incredible work. You get to experience stories that normally would never get into the media or have the spotlight they deserve. They are a space that celebrates everyone and is all in all a beautiful and an important platform. 



Street art berlin is a blog obsessed on street art like us. They document the Berlin street art scene in a non-commercial way. Their blog shares with people the art from the artists and as well events, exhibitions and they do creative consulting. But they are not only covering the scene in Berlin but support a living international street art scene from all over the world. They organise an artist exchange and give people in search for places to paint, a chance to let their art become a part of the scene here. They hold a collection of many art pieces, do interviews with anonymous street artists, and, are like an online museum for street art. 


Check out all of these amazing platforms and hear from unique voices that come from all over the world! 

Cover Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash