Artist portrait: Joseph

Joseph Dennis is 24 years old type designer and digital illustrator from Fremantle, WA, Australia. He works mostly with brands but has a good touch and a great imagination to create art from his daily life. 
Enjoy the interview!

How did it all start, what is your background?

My dad is a graphic designer too, and is the reason I love design and illustration so much. When I was a kid I used to sit next to him and watch him while he worked. He did a lot of his job away from the computer too, which I found really exciting - he would paint in oils and inks or draw or collage. I think at a young age this really caught my imagination and was something that I could do too.

What inspires you to create your art?

As a brand designer, I spend most of my time designing for other brands and businesses, trying to see things from their perspective and making sure the work is true to them and what they stand for, so I find it really interesting to look at the little things in my own life and explore them. I’m inspired by this everyday stuff, and TV shows I’m watching, fictional characters and silly thoughts I have. 

'Head of streams', 'Cracked' & 'Cramp my style' by Joseph, now available on apparel in our shop.

What does your art mean to you?

My illustrations and type design are a reflection of my life and represent my perspective. They also allow me to explore new mediums, software and tools, and work in different areas of design.

Did you feel a change in your creativity after corona came? If yes, then how?

Not particularly. Australia has been really lucky with COVI19, especially Western Australia where I live, and so the impact here has been relatively minimal.
Typography by Joseph, from 36days of typo. 

What is your dream project?

No idea. I feel like I’m always working on a dream project!

' Self-portrait: WFH APRIL 2020' by Joseph. 

What do you hope to have achieved in your art after 5 years?

I’d love to be able to dedicate a bit more time to illustration and type design and keep learning and trying new things and collaborating with really cool people.

How do you feel you benefit from working with us at SKINSINK?

Working with you gets my work out there and gets it in front of new audiences. Having my artwork on clothing also means that people can own it themselves, wear it, gift it and share it. I like the idea of designing someone’s favourite shirt that they feel is really ‘them’.
Typeface by Joseph.
Joseph's apparel is now available in our shop & check out more of his creations on his Instagram.