Artist Portrait: Cristina Vives

Cristina Vives is an illustrator and Graphic Designer from Barcelona based in Berlin. Her work would be defined as feminist, surrealistic, and figurative art. 

In her artworks, she grasps different types of bodies, such as a woman’s body, trans, queer or intersexual bodies in various techniques, materials, and coatings that represent the beauty of those bodies.

She conveys the feelings and sensations someone can feel in the course of one’s life, especially when you are an immigrant and a woman. In her artworks and projects, such as feminist fanzines, illustrations, and designs, she seeks to combine what we feel about stereotypes of the “non-conventional bodies”, through paintings, texts, and drawings that usually have a dual meaning and express harshness as well as beauty.

Enjoy the interview!


How did it all start, what is your background?

My passion for Art started since I was a kid, I used to draw in all the school books (especially in mathematic books), and recreate my fantasies by drawing characters and all the stuff that came to my head. Later in Barcelona, when I was 16 I started the Arts School and then began all of my apprenticeship and training to get better in Art and Design and to reach my dream which was at first to become a Graphic Designer. There I learned how to draw live modeling, screenprinting, engrave, and much other new stuff that would open a new world for my creations.

From there, I started to get to know more artists and we started projects like creating fanzines or paint walls,  and later one we went together to make art markets to sell our stuff and people started to get to know us as artists.

Siebdruckskull by Cristina Vives

What inspires you to create your art? What does your art represent?

What inspires me the most is when I feel sensitive and susceptible, cause that helps me to feel more receptive to create and feel while I create my artworks.

Often I start creating without any subject or even an idea, I like to start with a blank paper and let myself go and draw whatever it is in my subconscious into the moment.

What does your art mean to you?

Art is creation, inspiration, and sharing. The tool that helps us to express an idea or concept and creates a reaction or an emotion to someone.

Cristina Vives Art + Illustration

New work by Cristina that you can find on her instagram.

Did you feel a change in your creativity after corona came? if Yes then how?

I felt a bit of change but to be honest not much, the only change that I could feel with corona is that I got more time to create and think, so of course that helped me to have more time to spend with myself and think about new projects.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to have my own gallery and sell my art as well as use the space as an atelier and be able to screen print and create. Also, I would like to use the space to invite new musicians and help artists, in general, to share their art and promote them.

It might be a bit ambitious but not impossible.

What role do you feel artists have in our society today?

The role that artists have in our society today it’s very diverse. But I would say in one way is to express and criticize the disgusting society that we all live in. How technology has changed our behaviors ( I include myself ) and how the economic system affects our daily lives.

But that it’s just one example of many.

What do you hope to have achieved in your art in 5 years?

To be honest, I never thought about it, but if I ever reach my dream to have my own art space to create and expose, it will be more than expected for sure.

Ah! and don’t be poor, if it’s possible but kind of likely.

Siebdruckskull by Cristina Vives and Worry by Kosmar

How do you feel you benefit from working with us at SKINSINK?

I feel it’s a great opportunity to show my art in T-shirts as well as on social media, especially in these difficult times of corona. And also motivates me a lot to create more and have more opportunities to get to know new artists.

Tell us something about you that is not in connection to art.

I am politically active in some feminists groups and zines.

I love to learn new languages as well as cultures, love to ride my bike, and love animals, not humans in general.

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