Artist Portrait: Bianca

Bianca is a fun, hard working and a loving spirit who follows her intuition and sends out positive and funny art into the world. Enjoy the interview!

Bianca Joaziak, 24 years old. 

Hiya! Nice to meet you virtually! My name is Bianca Jozwiak, I am 24 years old and I'm a graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada, helping small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits with any and all design based needs. In my spare time, I freelance and make fun digital artwork. My art is a reflection of my shining personality (insert sarcasm lol); bold, a few bad puns here and there and consistently trying to break the mold. I have an obsession and a love for custom typography and hand lettering, which I make sure to show off on my Instagram daily, and I have a fondness for creating digital images that surprise, delight and/or allow others and myself to reflect.

How did it all start, what is your background?

Art has always played some part in my life. I’ve always been connected to it in one way or another, but growing up, it was pushed on me that art wasn’t a sustainable career and it’s more of a hobby people do. I struggled a lot in school, knowing that I was creative but being pushed to take all sciences and maths, which I hated and was never good at.

My decision to go to Arts College here in Canada was a last minute decision. I went into a graphic design program without any idea what graphic design was… it truly was an eye-opening experience into the world of being creative. I now have a few years under my belt working as an in-house designer for a massive non-profit here in Canada, and I couldn’t be happier. My digital art allows me to creatively stretch my legs when my full-time and freelancing work starts to get a bit stale. 

'The future is female' by Bianca.

What inspires you to create your art? 

Everything really. That’s how it is with most of us artist-types; we’re just so passionate and inspired about what we do, and for many of us it comes naturally. It’s sometimes hard to understand how I can get excited about colour pallets or a nicely hand drawn letter, but for me, it’s just something I truly love and enjoy. The curves in a nicely drawn ampersand? *chefs kiss*

What does your art mean to you?

In my ever-busy schedule, my digital art is an escape from the constant chaos and pressure from my other full time job and the on-going pandemic. When it comes to any art, you can truly be anyone you want to be and express anything you want to. An engineer can be a great pianist or a doctor can make perplexing sketches. But, the best part is, my art doesn’t always have to make sense. I don’t have to solve problems or explain theories like one would have to in mathematics or science – my art itself is both the solution and the remedy. 

'Throw kindness around like confetti' by Bianca

Did you feel a change in your creativity after corona came? If yes, then how?

If anything, the pandemic provided me with the tools to work from home and the extra time to create more. Before the pandemic, I commuted up to 6 hours a day to my place of work, Monday to Friday. It was stressful, and left me no time to do the things I wanted to do outside of work. Then C–19 hit… it’s horrible and we’re still dealing with it, but it’s honestly been the greatest thing to happen to me… as strange as that sounds. More time = more art. 

What is your dream project?

I would love, love, LOVE to do a large scale, hand painted mural, either for a company or just for myself. 

'&' by Bianca

What role do you feel artists have in our society today?

Today, artists need to work to make societal changes within the art world. Rather than the word "role", I prefer the word "commitment", as I believe that artists have to commit to help people and their communities find their voices and express their concerns through individual and collaborative art projects. 

' It's okay to say NO' by Bianca

What do you hope to have achieved in your art after 5 years?

I want to continue to make dope stuff that allows viewers to take deep breaths and laugh a little. 5 years from now, I hope to continue on this path of spreading positivity and hopefully own my own studio, where I will continue to pursue graphic design work.   

'Single and ready to pringle' by Bianca, from her Instagram.

How do you feel you benefit from working with us at SKINSINK?

I benefit by collaborating with a brand that not only provides artists a platform to display their art, but allows all sorts of artists (both upcoming and established ones) to help raise funds by giving back to communities and supporting good causes. 

Tell us something about you that is not in connection to art.

The image below will provide the answers :) 

Bianca herself.

Bianca's apparel is now available in our shop & check out more of her creations on her Instagram.