Artist Portrait: Aflorar

Cássia Nunes, Aflorar, is 29 years young from Brazil currently based in Berlin. Aflorar develops collages about the delightful and the pains of being a woman in this crazy world.

From fashion designing to developing a passion for street art and making the streets more alive. In her artwork she expresses different sides of being a woman and how she can connect to the other women in this complicated world. She has been doing a 100 day collage on her Instagram profile were she posts a new collage everyday.

Enjoy the interview!


How did it all start, what is your background?

I've always been passionate about arts, I graduated in Fashion Design, and worked as a fashion designer for a few years. But, I couldn't develop my own style, once I had to keep the brand's style in my work. Now, I've been creating without a guide, now it's about passion, it’s about art. 

What inspires you to create your art? 

I'm a woman who tries to explore and express the feeling, the pain, the pleasure of being a woman. My inspiration comes mostly from everyday situations where the fact of being a woman defines how the world is gonna treat me.

Ah, I also depend on good music to create an "inspirational mood" in my creative process :)

'Serie back' by Aflorar, day46.

What does your art mean to you?

It means a way to connect myself with other women about the invisible fight of being a woman in this fuc***d world. It means a way to express feelings that words cannot do.

'Dolls' by Aflorar, day 48. Available in our shop as a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie.

Did you feel a change in your creativity after corona came? If yes, then how?

I think Corona created a sense of urgency in life. We need to live now, we need to express ourselves now because we might not have a tomorrow. At least for me, it was a "pushing".

What is your dream project?

I guess I've two "dreaming projects" now. The first one it's about developing an album cover. I think music it's so powerful to touch people's feelings and would be amazing to create "the visual" touchpoint for it.

The second one it's about creating a series of street posters with my collages. You know, sometimes you're just walking or waiting for your train and your eyes are looking vaguely around and suddenly you see something that calls your attention and makes you think about it. I guess this is art, and this is art for everyone, this is street art and it's something that I would like to do.

Are you a magic fairy? :)

'Serie animals' by Aflorar, day 51.

What role do you feel artists have in our society today?

To avoid everyone else gets crazy!! I mean, artists need to talk about people's feelings, deep and dark feelings. Now the world is so noisy, it's difficult to listen to what is inside. The artist needs to bring it up, and of course, make the world more beautiful.

What do you hope to have achieved in your art after 5 years?

I hope to be alive, with a lot of projects going on :)

'Serie E daí?!!' by Aflorar, day 5.

How do you feel you benefit from working with us at SKINSINK?

I think it's a great growth opportunity for me. I've never thought about being "professional" about my art, especially in Berlin. So, it's a big thing for me :) 

Tell us something about you that is not in connection to art.

I can’t swim :)

Aflorar apparel is now available in our shop & check out more of her creation on her Instagram.